Aroma Lemon marmalade, caramelized oranges, peaches and touch of honey. Fresh and sweet lemon marmalade, layers of tangerine, ripe guava and finally, notes of sweet floral scents. Boldness of ripe red berries, complex notes of spice and sweetness of rhubarb. Ripe peach jam, layers of sweet and fresh tropical fruit, honey and hints of white pepper.
Tasting Profile Intense flavours of honey, lemon, star fruit, quince and brown sugar. Sweet citrus and star fruit linger on the finish. Honey barlett pear with a candied lemon peel on the finish. An explosion of luscious red berries, delicate yet complex spice and rhubarb with the freshness of limes on the lingering finish. An explosion of pineapple, apricot, floral honey, oranges and cardamom spice. Fresh lemon drops and spicy oak harmonize on the long finish.
Food Pairing Soft cheeses, or spicy cuisine. Pâte or foie gras, cheeses and spicy cuisine. Red fruit based desserts and dark chocolate. Fruit based desserts, crème caramel and soft cheeses.